How to make the best property purchase in 5 steps

Moving - buy or sell your home with RM Property Conveyancing

Whether you’re buying your first home or you just want to make the process of buying a property a little bit easier, this guide walks you through the process of buying a property step-by-step.

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Tip 1 – Get a loan pre-approval

Have a chat with a mortgage broker or bank before you go shopping for a new home to ensure you have pre-approval to purchase a new property.

Tip 2 – Go shopping

Find the house and make an offer!

When you find your new home, make an offer with the agent.

If it’s accepted, the agent will email us sales advice.

Tip 3 – Contact us

We’ll need to know:
✅ Your details
✅ Details of the property
✅ What was negotiated

Do this next:
✅ Jump on our website
✅ Fill in our Buyer Questionnaire

Tip 4 – Book in a Pest and building inspection

This will give you peace of mind on the structure of the property and whether there are termites or not.

Tip 5 – Pay the deposit to the real estate agent

This WON’T take the house off the market!

So why pay it?

Exchanging contracts is the only way to stop other offers from being made.

To exchange, you need to have paid a minimum of 0.25% of the purchase price. If you withdraw from the contract during the cooling-off period, you will lose 0.25% of the purchase price.


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