Do you need a Pest and Building Inspection?

Pest and Building Inspections

A Pest and Building Inspection is NOT compulsory but it is something most property solicitors and conveyancers recommend.

The inspector is someone you will pay separately to your legal fees and the reason for this is your conveyancer will not review the report for you.  Your conveyancer will not usually see the property and therefore cannot comment or advise whether a report is “good or bad”.  And that is why choosing the right pest and building inspector is so important.

A pest and building inspector will look for pests, in particular termites, the structure of the building, as well as any other additions to the house such as retaining walls.

Choosing a Pest and Building Inspector

There are several things to look into before choosing a pest and building inspector.

  • Have they ever been licenced builders? You want someone who has had hands-on experience in the building game.
  • How much are they charging?  This is not an area you want to try and save money.  Your money should have been saved when you made the offer on the property.  Get a few quotes before deciding.
  •  What are their reviews like?  Check Google and Facebook to see what others are saying.
  • Ask the real estate agent who they recommend.
  • Ask your conveyancer or solicitor who they recommend.

A Couple of Pest and Building Inspectors to Consider

We are often asked by clients who we suggest for Pest and Building Inspectors.  Please remember though, you are free to choose any inspector you want or if you are confident in doing the inspection yourself, you are allowed to do that as well.

Here are 2 we have had a good experience with:

What about the Plumbing? Should you get that inspected too?

It’s a good question and the answer is “that’s up to you”.  If it is something you would like looked at, we found Damien at Plumb Link Plumbing.  Damien offers a Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection service. 

The best way to contact Damien is via his Facebook site which you can find by clicking on his logo below:

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