Will COVID-19 Impact NSW Conveyancing?

Covid and Conveyancing

I received a call from a client the other day asking: 

What is our plan if we were hit with coronavirus?

In the current circumstances that we’re all experiencing its probably not a bad question to ask. 

So here’s what I told him :

Our firm is already set up so you can do all your Conveyancing from your lounge room or anywhere in the world that has internet.

For example, we are currently helping a client who is 30km offshore on an oil rig with all his conveyancing. 

Conveyancing App

24/7 Access Via Our App

Our Conveyancing App provides access to their information in an instant.  Not sure of something?  Our clients simply log into their app and can see the update immediately.  Saves a lot of "phone tag".

Sign Contracts for Property Electronically

Sign Contracts Online! Anywhere, Anytime.

Too busy to drive to an office? You don't have to any more. SignIt Online!!! 
Our technology allows clients to sign contracts on their phone or computer anywhere they have internet access. From London to your Lounge room.

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